Fitness-911, a cult of the gym: Adutiya Veer

Diet discipline is one of the most important factors in any person’s fitness journey. You can be going from fat to fit or from skinny to fit, it all boils down to your dietary habits and secondarily to workouts.

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What most people don’t get is that going to the gym or working out just makes up 20-30% of the whole regime and this is all just secondary stuff. Primarily someone’s main focus should be on their food choices and their dietary habits.

Adutiya Veer, The Managing Director of this rising fitness brand called ‘Fitness Nine11’ in conversation with us said -‘Here at Fitness Nine11 we promote this type of lifestyle only. Our focus has always been on how to educate our clientele to get creative and smart with their food choices. Which firstly includes the process of going natural as much as they can. Natural would mean more fruits and vegetables of course. And once they’re done with this they should start focusing on colours. This may sound funny but it holds so much importance. By colours we mean different coloured vegetables and fruits. After all, fitness comes in all shapes, sizes and colours.’ Added Adutiya.

Adutiya has an even unique approach to it, he recommends that mornings are most suited for fruits, apples and oranges etc., then post fruit fuelling it’s time to go for cooked food. Always remember breakfast should be the heaviest meal of your day irrespective of the workout timings, said Adutiya. Lunch should be a combination of vegetables and pulses with roti(Indian bread) for the carbohydrate energy and a small bowl of rice. Veggies and fruits are paid the most attention here as they make sure you don’t miss out on the majority of minerals and vitamins. Also let’s talk about the elephant in the room. BANANAs. This magical fruit gets so much wrath for no apparent reason but misinformation being spread by gym trainers promoting fad diets and shortcuts to weight loss. This sort of culture is seriously frowned upon at FITNESS NINE11. Adutiya, who is a fitness expert of the club opines that banana is the healthiest fruit available in nature. Also bananas are loaded with all the essential minerals needed for the development of the human body and also needed to cure major deficiencies which occur. Also almost 2 bananas give you such an energy boost that almost a two hour workout can be pulled off. Also they boost your mood for the positive. Anyhow talking about disciplined dieting it comes down to clean eating. Adutiya recommends that we should avoid anything which is processed and everything which comes packed in plastic. Anything processed has already been devoid of all the nutrition and it has nil dietary value. Also talking about the packaged food stuff, one should always be careful enough to read the nutritional info given at the back of the packaging and the shelf life of the product. Longer shelf life is directly proportional to the amount of preservatives added to it. A potato will rot in a few days kept at room temperature but that same potato made into chips will survive another fall. This should be enough for you to reconsider your dietary lifestyle.

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